Vietnam exhibition ends successfully

December 3, 2022, IBTE Vietnam (International Baby Products & Toys Expo | Vietnam) in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center successfully concluded.

We are an industrial and trade company selling mother and baby products, mainly breast pumps. The other day our company participated in a product exhibition in Vietnam, where the owner of the company actively talked to customers from all over the world in the hope of reaching a partnership. At the exhibition, the owner, with the help of professionals, showed his professional and rigorous work attitude and his extensive knowledge of the industry, and had a pleasant conversation with various partners, leaving behind a photo album that can be counted in the company’s development history, leaving a good memory and a broader opportunity for the future development of the company in the Vietnamese market.

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At this exhibition the owner and the customer were introduced in detail to the main business areas of our company, product-related details, and recommendations of our products. According to the different needs of different people from all over the world, we recommend products that meet the needs of our customers, and mainly understand the local market demand in Vietnam, so as to pave the way for developing the Vietnamese market afterwards.

During this trip to Vietnam, the company prepared samples of high, Meidile and low level port products in advance, in order to facilitate the demonstration of the actual effect to customers in different fields.

We are a production of mother and baby products, industry and trade in one company, the main product is breast pump, the current company in the field of foreign trade is committed to develop foreign markets, the beginning of December, the boss stepped on the boss and the company’s foreign trade department staff work together, in close cooperation with the front and back, together to complete the perfect performance of the Vietnam exhibition.

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Post time: Dec-14-2022