Introduction As with learning anything new, practice makes perfect. Babies don’t always enjoy changes to their routine, and that’s why it’s essential to take some time and conduct a trial and error period. All of our babies are unique, which makes them both incredibly wonderful and frustratingly ...
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    Introduction In the first month of any newborn’s life, sleep will be the unending task of every parent. On average, a newborn baby sleeps for approximately 14-17 hours in 24 hours, waking frequently. However, as your baby grows, they will learn that daytime is for being awake and nighttime is ...
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  • What to Expect as a Breastfeeding Mom

    What to Expect as a Breastfeeding Mom

    Every breastfeeding mom’s experience is unique. Yet, many women have similar questions and common concerns. Here is some practical guidance. Congratulations – a bundle of joy is very exciting! As you know, your baby won’t arrive with “operating instructions,” and since every baby is unique...
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  • How to Create a Great Bedtime Routine for your Baby

    How to Create a Great Bedtime Routine for your Baby

    What’s your baby’s bedtime routine? On the surface, that may seem like a simple and straightforward question. But for many parents of newborns and infants, it can be yet another source of stress and concern. You may not know how old your baby should be before you start implementing a bedtime rou...
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  • ×Misunderstanding-The greater the intensity, the more milk you can suck out?

    Can’t suck milk? Then turn up the intensity! Don’t you know that the result of this will not only not increase the milk, but will cause the breast to be injured. Every mother has the most suitable intensity and frequency. In the case of being able to suck milk, the lower the intensity...
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  • ×Misunderstanding-When blocking the milk, you can use a breast pump to suck it through!×

    Many mothers feel that the suction power of the breast pump is high after blocking the milk, and want to use the breast pump to suck the milk through, but they do not know that this may make the already injured breast worse! The solution to milk stasis or milk knotting is to effectively remove th...
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  • Exclusive Pumping Schedules

    Exclusive Pumping Schedules

    7 Reasons You Might Decide Exclusive Pumping is Right For You   Breastfeeding simply isn’t for everyone, but there are options for you, mama. Exclusive pumping is one of many ways parents might decide to feed their baby and there are a million reasons why they decide this is the right path. Here ...
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  • Why does everyone use a breast pump? Knowing the truth, I regret being late

    Why does everyone use a breast pump? Knowing the truth, I regret being late

    When I first took the baby, I suffered from inexperience. I often kept myself busy, but I didn’t get any results. Especially when feeding the baby, it is even more painful. It not only makes the baby hungry, but also makes him suffer a lot of sins. Like most lactating mothers, I often face ...
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  • How To Relieve Breast Pain After Pumping

    How To Relieve Breast Pain After Pumping

    Let’s be real, breast pumping can take some getting used to, and when you first start pumping, it’s normal to experience some slight discomfort. When that discomfort crosses the threshold intopain, however, there may be cause for concern… and good reason to contact your ...
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  • Pumping And Breastfeeding

    Pumping And Breastfeeding

    When it comes to feeding your baby, pumping and breastfeeding are both fantastic options with different advantages depending on your individual needs. But that still begs the question: what are the unique benefits of breastfeeding versus the benefits of pumping breast mi...
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