D-115 Hot sale durable electric handsfree breast pump cups

Short Description:

1.Designed for painless breast milk say goodbye to a shortage of milk

2.It’s “zero backflow” , Even if the milk bottle is overturned by accident, the milk will not flow back to the main unit to damage the machine.

3.LED display

4.3Models:massage,stimulatio,pump 9levels

5.Food -grade PP 180ML bottle with a wind diameter of 5.0cm,BPA free,The large and soft silicon cup can fit the breast better

6.With big lithium battery 2000mA ,No need for a power adapter on the go, easy for breast milk pumping anytime and anywhere

7.With golden decoration,more beautiful

8.Alternate Breast Milk Pumping Mode.Pump milk from the two breasts in turn by means of simulating the natural sucking rhythm of babies with even pumping and release so that the whole pumping process is natural and comfortable, which is beneficial to refill the milk again.

9.The dedicated simulated & bionic chip, with simulation of real breast milk pumping, simulates the baby’s breast milk sucking mode of suction, stop and release to suck milk easily and effectively

10.One machine with three modes: Massage, Breast,simulation

11.Breast Milk Pumping (dedicated pumping) and Frequency (adjusting frequency), can help mothers choose the most suitable suction combination for efficient lactation

12.The touch buttons are easy for operation and a high-definition digital screen with dynamic display makes it clear and visual

13.High temperature resistance, strong transparency and anti-fall green material

Product Detail

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1.The double-pumping mechanism expresses from both breasts at the same time to save time and support milk supply.

2.Effortlessly switch from Massage to Expression mode with just a press of a single button.

3.Easily adjust suction level and cycles for maximum comfort and an effective pumping session.

4.Innovated with Moms in mind, the Motif Luna is a powerful breast pump designed to blend with a modern aesthetic.

5.You can choose from three different light levels, making it great for pumping at night. The double-pumping mechanism expresses from both breasts at the same time to save time and support milk supply.

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