DQ-YW006BB Cheap Automatic Baby USB Rechargeable Portable Suction Milk Electric Breast Pumps

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How to Use the Intelligent Breast Milk Pump

1.Before use, please clean it with water;

2.Assemble in sequence; note that the soft cover should be fastened in place; and the cup washer should be mounted correctly

3.Press the power button, and the lamp will flash

4.Make your teat aim to the cup center; press gently so that your breast is enclosed in the cup; and make your body slightly forward (don’t sit or lie on your back, or else your breast milk may flow back to the cup mouth).

5.Press the button switch, and the lamp will not flash but keep on; and press “+” or “-” to adjust the suction as you wish (the default suction is the minimum).

6.When the breast milk flows smoothly, press the function key to switch to breast milk (the lamp breast turns on), and press “+” or “-” to adjust the suction for rapid collection of milk .

If you feel uncomfortable during use or have finishing using, please press the power button to stop running, and the main unit will make the breast released from the cup (to restart immediately, please wait for 3 seconds).

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1.Designed for painless breast milk say goodbye to a shortage of milk,simulate the baby's suck/relax process: Massage - Suck - Relax, to collect the breast milk rapidly within a short time, being safe, comfortable and painless.

2.It's “zero backflow” completely, Even if the milk bottle is overturned by accident, the milk will not flow back to the main unit to damage the machine.

3.LED display

4.3Models:massage,stimulatio,pump 9levels

5.Adjustable suction: the keys "+" and "-" are used to adjust the suction. There are 9 levels of suction.

6.180ml food -grade PP bottle with a wind diameter of 5.0cm

7.With big lithium battery 2000mAh applicable for mothers both in working and outdoor activities.

8.With night light

9.mould injection

10.Easy for operation and portable: it features a compact structure, a strong suction, easy operation and rapid relief of the breast swelling pain.

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