DQ-YW005BB Multi Function OEM double side Electric Breast Feeding Pump Baby for Mothers and Kids

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

1. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial activities for mother and baby.Will have such a huge influence on your baby’s present and future health.

2.No baby formula can duplicate the unique characteristics of breast milk. No matter how many vitamins, minerals and supplements are added, it essentially still belongs to the formula.

3.The breast milk is the only but one natural, complete and complex nutrition for human babies. Also it’s important that the breastfeeding promotes an extraordinary emotional relationship between mother and baby, and that’s what a mother can give only.

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How to Use the Intelligent Breast Milk Pump

Please confirm that all components of the breast milk pump have been thoroughly sterilized and assembled correctly according to the instructions. Put a cup of water or other drinks beside a chair, wash your hands and sit on the chair, apply hot compress onto your breast with a wet and hot towel and massage it. After massage, sit straight and slightly forward (neither lie on side nor tilt the pump). Make the horn silicone pad's center inside the pump cup aim to your teat and attached to your breast closely, and make sure there is no air inside to ensure normal suction.

1.Designed for painless breast milk say goodbye to a shortage of milk

2.It's “zero backflow” completely, Even if the milk bottle is overturned by accident, the milk will not flow back to the main unit to damage the machine.

3.LED display

4.4Models:massage,stimulatio,bionic,pump,9 levels of adjustable suction, subject to your physical body, to pump the breast milk in the most labor-saving and comfortable way 5.180ml food -grade PP bottle with a wind diameter of 5.0cm

6.With big lithium battery 2000mAh allows its use on going out without a power adapter so that mothers can collect milk wherever they are.

7.UV sterilize and air drying

8.Can single side use and double side use

9.Have the NTC to protect battery

10.Low noise when using the breast pump

11.With low noise

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