DQ-S009BB Baby Hospital Grade Electronic Milk Hands Free Portable Silicone Electric Breast Pump

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1.If you want to freeze the breast milk, please don’ t fill the bottle or bag with milk. About three quarters of milk in each bottle or bag are enough. It is for leav ng space for ic ng expansion.

2.Don’ t place breast m Ik in the refrigerator door for saving.

3.Place the frozen milk in the cab net on the night before and then use flowing warm water to warm the bottle or bag when mom needs. It’ S for preserve the nutritional content of breast miIk.

4.Gently shake the bottle or bag so that the isolated fat can be uniformly mixed in milk.

5.Don’ t heat the frozen breast milk in a microwave oven or boiling water so as to avoid loss of nutrition and scalding babies.

The thawed breast milk can not be frozen again. Please don’ t mix fresh breast milk with thawed breast milk

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How to Use the Intelligent Breast Milk Pump

Before the first use, all components of the breast pump should be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the chapter"cIeaning and disinfection" . All components need to be cleaned after each use and all components must be disinfected before each use.

Note: Make sure you clean and disinfect all the component of breast pump. Please wash hands thoroughly before touching the cleaned components. Be careful that the cleaned part that just have been boiling may burn you.

Before assembly, please disinfect pump parts, wash hands thoroughly. Tips: You may find it easier to assemble your breast pump when it is wet.

1.Insert the duckbill valve into the pump from below, plug it tightly.

2.Screw the pump body with the feeding bottle until it's fully fxed.

3.Put the diaphragm into the top part of the breast shield. Press the diaphragm down to ensure its stable.

4.Attach the connector to the breast shield. Connect one of the tube to the connector and the other side to the motor.

5.Put the massage cushion into the funnel part of the breast shield, push in and ensure the cushion fits perfectly, press the petals to remove residual air, finally connect the power adaptor to the motor.

1.The Electric breast pump has a unique design that allows you to maintain a more comfortable sucking posture. Soft massage pad can provides soft and warm feeling. It also can imitate the natural suction, let the milk flow out quietly, comfortable, gentle and quickly. The compact design of breast pump is easy to assemble and without out bisphenol A. These components can be cleaned with dishwasher.

2.Just as breast feeding experts said, breast milk is the best nutritional food for infants who are under one year old. The baby over six months should insist on breast feeding and with some complementary food. Breast milk is especially suitable for the baby’s needs, and the antibodies can protect the baby from infection and allergy.

3.Breast pump can help you prolong the duration of breastfeeding. You can pump milk and store it in the storage bags if you can' I breastfeed by yourself. It is convenient for baby enjoy the milk. Besides, the breast pump is portable during the travel because of its smart design. You can take it with you and pump milk at any convenient time for your baby.

When to Pump Milk?

Recommend( unless the baby Specialist/ breastfeeding experts have other suggest ons) wa t ng unt I the m lk secret on and lactat on t me become regular( at least 2 to 4 weeks after the baby is born)


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