DQ-1001 BPA Free Soft Silicone Feeding Baby double sterilizing storage type breast pump

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

1.For both mother and baby, breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial activities. No other behavior can have such a huge influence on your baby’s present and future health.

2.No baby formula can duplicate the unique characteristics of breast milk. No matter how many vitamins, minerals and supplements are added, it essentially still belongs to the formula.

3.The breast milk is the only but one natural, complete and complex nutrition for human babies. Also it’s important that the breastfeeding promotes an extraordinary emotional relationship between mother and baby, and that’s what a mother can give only.

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How to Use the Intelligent Breast Milk Pump

1. It is recommended that you apply a hot compress on your breast for 5 minutes before use to promote the smooth flow of your mammary gland for better and more effective breast milk pumping.

2. Make sure that the components of the breast milk pump are thoroughly sterilized and that the breast milk pump is properly assembled as instructed. When using, please maintain a comfortable sitting position and relax, align the cup center of the breast milk pump to your nipple and hold it against your breast. Make sure no air enters to ensure a normal suction force.

3. Touch the ON/OFF key to enter the Auto Mode Level 1 by default to stimulate and massage your mammary gland. If you need to increase the suction force, you can touch the key again.

4. When the milk starts to flow out or you feel jetting, you can choose the Breast Milk Pumping Mode to find out a suction force making you feel comfortable.

note: The milk inside the milk bottle should not be too full and cannot exceed the bottle's maximum capacity. If the maximum capacity is reached, please replace the bottle promptly before continuing to use.

5 After breast milk pumping is completed, turn off the power and unplug the plug.

6 Please disassemble and clean the related accessories. (Main unit, adapter assembly and straw excluded)

7. To use it on going out, you need to fully charge the main unit first. If the battery indicator is flashing, it indicates that the battery is being charged. If full bars are displayed, it indicates full charging. In the event of continuous flashing for 5 seconds and automatic shut-down, it indicates that the energy has been exhausted. Please connect the adapter to charge.


1.Designed for painless breast milk say goodbye to a shortage of milk

2.It’s “zero backflow” completely, Even if the milk bottle is overturned by accident, the milk will not flow back to the main unit to damage the machine.

3.LED display

4.Its user-friendly design with a three-stage breast milk pumping mode produces the natural rhythms closest to the baby’s sucking of breast milk.

5.The user-friendly design of three modes:massage,stimulatio,pump ,with 8-level suction force adjustment respectively, meets the needs of mothers to the largest extent.

6.180ml food -grade PP bottle with a wind diameter of 5.0cm

7.With big lithium battery 2000mAh allows its use on going out without a power adapter so that mothers can collect milk wherever they are.

8.UV sterilize and air drying

9.Can be single / double operation

10.It conforms to the food grade requirements with non-toxic plastics and does not contain bisphenol A to secure its use by you and your baby.

11.This product is made of high-quality materials and carefully designed for Chinese families, featuring its beautiful appearance, compact structure, being solid and practical, etc.

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