D-119 Portable Breast Milk Pump, Silicone Electric Breast Pump

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1.Designed for painless breast milk say goodbye to a shortage of milk

2.It’s “zero backflow” completely, Even if the milk bottle is overturned by accident, the milk will not flow back to the main unit to damage the machine.

3.LED display

4.3Models:massage,stimulatio,pump 9levels

5.180ml food -grade PPSU bottle with a wind diameter of 5.0cm

6.The new silicone large cup can better fit the breast, thus making the breast milk pumping process more comfortable and smoother.

7.With big lithium battery 2000mAh  allows its use on going out without a power adapter so that mothers can collect milk wherever they are.

8.With night light

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Before you start assembling a breast milk pump, please wash your hands and be sure to sterilize all components prior to use.

1.Press the anti-leak valve suction sheet onto the anti-leak valve; and there should be clearance in fitting

2.Fix the anti-leak valve on the breast milk pump's tee and press to the end

3.Mount the horn-mouth silicon massage pad onto the breast milk pump's tee and make sure it coincides with and clings to the pump's cup

4.Put the cylinder into the breast milk pump's tee and then tighten the top cover

5.Screw the milk bottle into the breast milk pump’s tee

6.Insert the suction pipe into the small column on the suction hole of the top cover, and the other part of the suction tube into the silica gel hole of the main unit to ensure full insertion.

7.Insert the USB cable into the adapter and the other end into the host. Complete the following steps at any time

8.After the breast milk pump is completely assemble, it’s ready for use at any time. If it is not necessary to feed your baby in time, you can store the milk in the refrigerator and finally clean the breast milk pump’s components immediately to prevent the milk from being dried and fixed on the components so that it’s hard to clean

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