RH-298 Electric Automatic Milk Pump Breast Feeding Utensils for Mother Inspiration Product

Short Description:

Suspension function

Press pause mode, machine tentative, press open again, shut down can not open.

Memory function

Start prolactin, massage suckling mode, adjust the required gear run for more than 3 seconds it will automatically remember. The next startup will start the above run gear.

Battery power,charging

ln the working state, the power adapter is connected and supplied by the power adapter.

When the power adapter is not connected, the host will automatical use the built-in battery to supplied power.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.Painless milk collect

2.Milk will not flow back

3.The screen is LED

4.With four modes:massage,bionic,pump,stimulation,and nine gears

5.PP bottle for food grades

6.1600mAh big lithium battery to support its use on going out without a power adapter.Mother can collect milk wherever they are

7.The control panel with touch design,clear for operation

8.With big battery for going out using or at home

Installation Instructions:

Warm Tip : before each use. should be pre-sterilized with breast milk has direct contact with the components:bottle, silicone horn, three-way silicone cylinder, duck mouth valve, milk bottle cap and so on.

1.Put the silicone horn and bell mouth in sequence, then putin the dust shield.

2.Insert the silicone horn and bell mouth assembly into the three links to ensure that the sleeve is tight.
(Note: when removing, one hand holds the three links, the other hand holds the bell mouth assembly up and woen, gently pull out.)

3.Put the cylinder and cylinder head into three links and tighten the cylinder head.

4.Put the duckbill valve into the bottom outlet of the three-way to ensure that there is no leakage.

5.Screw the three-way assembly into the bottle.

6.Insert the straigt-through joint of the hose into the cylinder head and the relative hole position of the main engine to ensure that there is no air leakage and can be used.

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