D-188 High Quality Portable Manual Breast Pump with Silicone Pipe

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Warnings and Precautions

* Please sterilize it in boiling water for 5 minutes before each use.

* Please do not use the nipple as a pacifier.

* Be sure to clean it immediately after each use lest it’s difficult to clean after milk solidifies.

* Do not expose the pump parts to excessive sunlight too long to avoid damage and aging.

* Be sure to check the temperature of milk before feeding to prevent your baby from getting scalded.

* Be sure to check the temperature of milk before feeding to prevent your baby from getting scalded.

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Please confirm that all components of the breast milk pump have been thoroughly sterilized and assembled correctly according to the instructions. First apply hot compress onto your breast with a wet and hot towel and massage it. After massage, sit straight and slightly forward (don’t lie on your side). Align the center of your pump’s silicon breast pad to your nipple and attach it to your breast closely. Make sure there is no air inside for normal suction.

Before you start assembling a breast milk pump, please wash your hands and be sure to sterilize all components prior to use!

1. Insert the anti-backflow valve into the tee and install it on the bottom

2. Tighten the bottle counterclockwise

3. Insert the cylinder bracket into the cylinder and press the cylinder into the tee

4. Press the handle into the tee. Note that the convex point of the cylinder bracket and the concave point of the handle need to be installed in place

5 Install the silicone breast pad on the trumpet of the tee and make sure that it fits the trumpet

How to Use

Hold the breast milk pump assembly with your left hand. Press and hold the handle with your right hand for about 3 seconds and then release it. Stay for 2 seconds. You can also make appropriate adjustments as required (But note not to press and hold it too long, which may cause too much milk or backflow of milk).


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