DQ-N01 Multi-purpose close to the breast milk temperature Milk Bottle Warmer

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1. Add some pure water into the milk bottle warmer (Water should not overflow after the bottle is put into water).

2. Put milk or water to be heated into the bottle and then put the bottle into the warmer.

3. Turn the knob to the position 40℃, and the water temperature will reach the set value in about 6 minutes.

4. Plug the power on and the red indicator lamp will turn on, indicating that normal heating starts. In the heating process, alternate flashing of the indicator lamp is normal.

5. After using, unplug the warmer, discharge remaining water inside it, dry it with soft cloth and use a dust cover to store it.

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Comparison of Heating between Milk Bottle Warmer and Microwave Oven

Milk Bottle Warmer is applicable for heating of various types of milk bottles, featuring a fast heating speed and even temperature. Compared to heating by a microwave oven, the heater will not destroy nutritional ingredients in milk and baby food.

1.close to the breast milk temperature, with automatic constant temperature

2.heat food quickly, with automatic constant temperature

3.sterilize nipples, spoons and the like

4.This product is made of high-quality materials and carefully designed for Chinese families, featuring its beautiful appearance plus solid and practical features.

5.With imported PTC ceramic efficient heating technology, it features rapid temperature rise and accurate constant temperature, and integrates thermal insulation, heating and high-temperature sterilization.

6.With easy operation, it can evenly heat different types of milk bottles and baby food, like milk, porridge, soup and paste, to meet different needs of babies.

7.The product features a beautiful appearance, a compact structure, being easy for cleaning and carrying, and non-toxic plastic which can be used safely by mothers.

Heating of food supplement (70℃)

1.Add some pure water into the milk bottle warmer (Water should not overflow after the cup with food inside is put into water).

2.Put the cup with food supplement inside into the warmer, power on and turn the knob to the position 70℃.

3.When the water temperature inside the warmer reaches the rating after about 9 minutes of heating, the warmer will enter a constant temperature state automatically.

Sterilization (100℃)

1. Put the item to be sterilized into the warmer, add some water and turn the knob to the position 100℃.

2. Plug the power on. After sterilization, disconnect the power. Wait until the sterilized item is cool before taking it out.

In the heating process, if the light turns on, indicating it's heating; if the light turns off, indicating it saves energy and keeps warming, that is, the warmer is automatically regulating the temperature to let food heated evenly and fully without destroying its nutritional ingredients (During running, the indicator lamp has a flashing process, which means the product is not damaged but automatically regulating the temperature, so please don't worry about that).

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